West Highland White Terrier Results. World Dog Show 2017 09-12.11.2017 Leipzig.

Видео выступления West Highland White Terrier Leipzig 2017

West Highland White Terrier

Judge Lleton Lillian

Bellevue Thunder Bolt
owner Vd Veen Karin & Shirley, The Netherlands

Bellevue Thunder Bolt
owner Vd Veen Karin & Shirley, The Netherlands

Stella Trentino Santo
owner Lindenbergs Arturs, Latvia
CACIB dog, WW-17
Bellevue Thunder Bolt
owner Vd Veen Karin & Shirley, The Netherlands
CACIB bitch, WW-17
Stella Trentino Santo
owner Lindenbergs Arturs, Latvia
BOB veteran, VWW-17
Who’s Rock The Boat
owner Sim William, Norway
dog, VWW-17
Happy Hero Of Nightingale
owner Rossbrei Gabriele, Germany
BOB junior, JWW-2017
Bogarhazi New Fashion
owner Mónika Toth Liliana Bakkai, Hungary
bitch, JWW-2017
White Bandits’ Lollipop
owner Maul Gabi & Jessica, Germany
BOB puppy
W.D.O’lala The Hungarian Eagle
owner Zsuzsanna Szőke, Serbia
BOB breeder
Mechta Nataly
owner Samoznaeva Nataly, Russia
15900 Happy Hero Of Nightingale Excellent 1 VCAC LLETON LILLIAN
15901 Karamynd Playboy Excellent 2 RES VCAC LLETON LILLIAN
15902 Arnitlund’s Zantos Zone Of Fire absent
15903 The Dashing Devil’s Brad Pitt absent
15904 W.D.O’lala The Hungarian Eagle Very promising 1 LLETON LILLIAN
15905 White Snowshoes Special Surprise Very promising 2 LLETON LILLIAN
15906 Alistair From Castle Of Beauties Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15907 Baccarat Vincitore From Rokoko absent
15908 Bogarhazi New Fashion Excellent 1 JCAC LLETON LILLIAN
15909 Bogarhazi Pure Passion Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15910 Bogarhazi Red Bull Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15911 Charming Dandy Provokatorius Excellent 3 LLETON LILLIAN
15912 Cowboy Devil In Disguise Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15913 Diamond From Castle Of Beauties Very Good LLETON LILLIAN
15914 Jon Snow De New Gryffindor Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15915 Mechta Nataly Gold Standart absent
15916 Noir Sur Blank Premier Prix Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15917 Nsase Cyberian absent
15918 Perfect Smile Od Bobika Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15919 Special Juke Vom Deipen Brook Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15920 Torres Trentino Santo Excellent 2 RES JCAC LLETON LILLIAN
15921 Tweed Time Keeper absent
15922 Update’s Down Under Vom Nopper-Hof Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15923 White Villan Ace Of Hearts Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15924 Who’s My Man Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15925 Wild Blizzard Jolly Roger Excellent 4 LLETON LILLIAN
15926 Yogurin De Villacrescan Very Good LLETON LILLIAN
15927 Calico Vom Lausitzer Eck Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15928 Ehlert’s King Richard The Lionheart Very Good LLETON LILLIAN
15929 Jolly Joker Sunshine Celebration Excellent 3 LLETON LILLIAN
15930 Jq Hooper Mover Iz Usadby Voronovo Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15931 Keen Expression Duncan Mcleod Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15932 Master Blaster Du Moulin De Mac Gregor Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15933 Mechta Nataly Yarvis Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15934 Muffin Man Du Moulin De Mac Gregor absent
15935 Piter Westie Uilfred Gold Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15936 Pride N Precious Be My Vendetta absent
15937 Rattrey Certero For Lamonterra Excellent 1 VDH-CAC LLETON LILLIAN
15938 Ryll’charisma Glasswort absent
15939 The Dashing Devil’s You Could Be Mine Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC LLETON LILLIAN
15940 What A Feeling Vom Nopper-Hof Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15941 Violent Warrior Vertragus Excellent 4 LLETON LILLIAN
15942 Vision Of Vertragus absent
15943 Zenith Of Rockwell Diesel Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15944 Alborada Belleair Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15945 Alborada Federer Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15946 Aston Martin Rokoko absent
15947 Bahia De Txingudi Love-Me Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15948 Bonjorno Rokoko Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC LLETON LILLIAN
15949 Catch The Spirit Of Morningsky absent
15950 Flashlight Thunder Vom Paradise Of Wind Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15951 Gigulevskaya Gemchugina Filander Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15952 Harry Potter Aus Grisus Höhle Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15953 I’m Always On Your Mind Od Bobika Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15954 Kingsview Warwick absent
15955 Kremenetski Alcorcon Carpetano Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15956 Law Broker De New Gryffindor Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15957 Magic Matisse Vom Märchengarten Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15958 Magic Moments With Casper Vom Märchengarten Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15959 Marc Antoine De La Fonema Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15960 Mechta Nataly Charge Of Energy Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15961 Mechta Nataly Party For Everybody Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15962 My Westie Forever Celebrity Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15963 Nsase In The Zone Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15964 Piter Westie Zippy Star Boy Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15965 Royal Gigolo Vom Deipen Brook Excellent 4 LLETON LILLIAN
15966 The Dashing Devil’s Touch Down Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15967 Thor Del Bianco Arancio Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15968 Tomlyndon Eager Ernest Excellent 3 LLETON LILLIAN
15969 Top Of The Game De New Gryffindor Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15970 Valentino Happy Naux Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15971 Westicon Highland Knight Excellent 1 VDH-CAC, RES CACIB LLETON LILLIAN
15972 White Villan King Of Hearts Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15973 Atom De La Pomme Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15974 Bahia De Txingudi Supreme Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC LLETON LILLIAN
15975 Bellevue Thunder Bolt Excellent 1 BOB, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB LLETON LILLIAN
15976 Best Mary`S White Kingdom Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15977 Cedric Ice Touch Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15978 De La Figalfresa Lover’s Kiss Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15979 Fraby Decarana Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15980 Giacomo Sunshine Célébration Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15981 Hillcloud Iceburg With Ashgate Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15982 King Of White Bears From Kipšiukas Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15983 Leonhards Cotton Eye Joe Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15984 Leonhard’s Leon King Brigoree Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15985 Loud Like Love Sunshine Celebration Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15986 Loving You Liebe Meines Bebens Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15987 Magic Bruno Banani Vom Maerchengarten Excellent 4 LLETON LILLIAN
15988 Mechta Nataly Egoist Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15989 Mitsiter Thiseas Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15990 Mylord Younghiggins Vom Schafstädter Hof Very Good LLETON LILLIAN
15991 ‘O Sole Mio Della Riva D ‘Arno Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15992 Paulo Craft’s Master Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15993 Ryll’ Charisma J’adore Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15994 White Bandits’ I’m A Rising Star Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15995 White Bandits’ I’m A Rising Sun Excellent LLETON LILLIAN
15996 White Miracle Of Switzerland Living Legend Excellent 3 LLETON LILLIAN
15997 Alyssa Aus Grisus Höhle Very Good
15998 Geli’s Special Vip Of White Castle absent
15999 Glencoes Im On Fire Excellent 3
16000 Nelly Unique Ever Vom Paradise Of Wind absent
16001 W.D. Olala Powder Zucker Very Good 4
16002 White Bandits’ Belle Bijou Excellent 2 RES VCAC
16003 Who’s Rock The Boat Excellent 1 VET BOB, VCAC
16004 Beautiful Game Emylane Westies Promising 4
16005 Queenie Del Bianco Arancio Very promising 1
16006 Rapunzel Mia Bella Iz Usadby Voronovo Very promising 2
16007 The Dashing Devil’s Hot Chic Promising 3
16008 Update’s Cafe` Royal Vom Nopper-Hof absent
16009 Atacama De Villacrescan Excellent
16010 Bahia De Txingudi Love To Karamynd Excellent
16011 Beloved Stars Sunny Girl absent
16012 Bettyhill’s Simply The Best Davina Very Good
16013 Bogarhazi Madam Scandal Excellent
16014 Bogarhazi Patent Pending absent
16015 Bogarhazi Red Rose Excellent
16016 Carolina Celebrity Mary’s White Kingdom Very Good
16017 De La Figalfresa Hugs And Kisses Excellent
16018 Dynasty From Castle Of Beauties absent
16019 Flying Westies Frozen Margarita absent
16020 Goldmountain`S Are You With Me Very Good
16021 Goldmountain’s All Of Me Excellent
16022 Jully Klatovský Karafiát absent
16023 Karamynd May Queen Excellent 3
16024 Loving You Lambda Sagittarii Very Good
16025 Mechta Nataly Zampanzar absent
16026 Meme Pas Peur Du Clos Des Galinettes Excellent
16027 Only Your Farina Aus Grisus Höhle Very Good
16028 Perfect Like Me Od Bobika Very Good
16029 Pixel’s Senza Pari Dolce Con Spirito Excellent
16030 Rattrey Estel Blansh Very Good
16031 Rattrey Shivaree Excellent 4
16032 Sparkling In A Free World Very Good
16033 Take Me Out From The Twinkeling Star absent
16034 The Dashing Devil’s Lollypop Excellent 2 RES JCAC
16035 White Bandits’ Lollipop Excellent 1 JCAC
16036 Who’s That Girl Excellent
16037 Astragus Fortuna Very Good
16038 Flying Westies Diamond Daisy Excellent
16039 Keen Expression Be My Bijou Very Good
16040 La Miss Trini Du Moulin De Mac Gregor Excellent 3
16041 Lovely Lady Kisses Of White Thistle Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC
16042 Mechta Nataly Encore Excellent 4
16043 Rosa Di Villa Testa Very Good
16044 Sentineri Ornella Very Good
16045 Shiny-Star From Castle Of Beauties Very Good
16046 W.D.O’lala Genesis Very Good
16047 Victory In The Game Vertragus Excellent 1 VDH-CAC
16048 Yasmine Bily Hurricane Very Good
16049 Yulia Happy Naux Excellent
16050 Zackshine Zoom Zoom’s Attitude absent
16051 Brigoree Unicorn Excellent 4
16052 Christy Klatovský Karafiát Very Good
16053 De La Figalfresa Lynda Excellent
16054 Eimi Zo Zlatej Záhrady Excellent
16055 I´M The Right One Of White Destiny absent
16056 Ice Crystal Lillifee Aus Grisus Höhle Very Good
16057 J’sais Pas Du Vallon Des Aures Excellent
16058 Kamelia Iz Vestgrada Very Good
16059 Karamynd All About Me Excellent
16060 Loving You Little Liar Excellent
16061 Lucky Star’s Lovely Face absent
16062 Lullaby Von Tinsdal Excellent
16063 Mechta Nataly C`Tsukimi Matsuri Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC, RES CACIB
16064 Oh I’m So Pretty Od Bobika Excellent
16065 Rattrey Originality Excellent 3
16066 Sioux Excellent
16067 Smash Super Trash Excellent
16068 Smetanka Z Knyazhego Dvora Excellent
16069 Stella Trentino Santo Excellent 1 BOS, CAC, VDH-CAC, CACIB
16070 Yoko Chanel Lady Of Beacon Hill Treasure absent
16071 Yuki Sunshine Celebration absent
16072 Alborada She’s The One Excellent 1 VDH-CAC
16073 Bianca Daisy Club Fci Excellent
16074 Bogarhazi Sun Shine Chikung absent
16075 Braveheart’s Calendar Girl Very Good
16076 Bridget Del Bianco Arancio Excellent
16077 First Lady Del Bianco Arancio Very Good
16078 Gorwin Libusza Excellent
16079 Greta Bcs First Flash Vom Westie-Waldhaus absent
16080 Leonhard’s Chloe Very Good
16081 Leonhards Coolleen absent
16082 Lily West-Land Du Vieux Moulin Excellent
16083 Magic Coco Chanel Vom Märchengarten absent
16084 Mathilda Kom’guest Excellent 2 RES VDH-CAC
16085 Mechta Nataly Feel The Difference absent
16086 Mectha Nataly Central Line Excellent 4
16087 Miss Francy Vom Deipenbrock Brook Very Good
16088 Nightingales Night Flight Of White Destiny Very Good
16089 Nothing Compares To You Of White Destiny Very Good
16090 Olimpia Happy Westies Land Excellent
16091 Paola Nunez Rivaz Es Fonema Excellent
16092 Pride And Precious Sweet White Angel Excellent 3
16093 Pure Poison De New Gryffindor Excellent
16094 W.D.O’lala Lótuszvirág Excellent
16095 White Snowshoes Super Star Very Good
16096 Zenith Of Rockwell Rosehip Excellent
Breeder’s groups
30303 Mechta Nataly 1 LLETON LILLIAN